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Where can I find you? (me and/or my human friends would like to write and/or speak to you).

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I know is hard but, can you try to tell me what's your startup about in one line? (we the elevator-pitch). *

Where was your startup born? By this I mean, where are your HQ, your offices, your garage, etc. Could simply be where do you place your laptop or where do you seat while navigating through your smartphone. It might sound boring but I'm referring to your startup's registered office country. *

Taking into account you are a startup from the internet universe, which is your startup's business model? *

Now that I know your model, can you tell to which industry does your startup belong? *

I love traveling, what about you? It's your startup operating in any other country in the world? *

Last thing I ask for. Can you please send me a basic pdf presentation (deck) of your startup? My human friends are interested in understanding your model clearly, meeting your team and analyzing all the information you want to share with them. It will make the analysis easier and they'll be very happy. *

Now is your turn. Do you wanna add anything else to this never-ending question list? Sorry if it has been too long. As a robot, I don't know what it means to be annoying.

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. My human friends at Samaipata will now review all the information sent and we'll give you an answer as soon as possible. Have a great day and sorry for 100% artificial intelligence rationality.

PD: As long as you agree, I would love to say hello to you from time to time through our newsletter and keep you updated on my new adventures.
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